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Pollack Report: Amazon Jumps Into The Fire (TV)

Amazon joined the streaming video hardware wars with the launch of its Fire TV box. Designed to stream video, music, photos and games to your TV, the Fire TV costs $99.99. There’s also an optional game controller for $39.99. Both devices are available immediately.
The Fire TV has a fast processor, a voice-activated remote and access to Amazon’s video library, as well as multiple other services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Showtime, Watch ESPN and more. Amazon founder and CEO said, “On Fire TV you can watch Alpha House and House of Cards.”

Live & Dangerous: Coachella 2014

 Next Friday marks the 16th annual opening weekend of one of the most talked about festivals in the world, Coachella. Once again, the California festival will span 2 identical weekends -- Weekend 1 from April 11-13 and Weekend 2 from April 18-20. Tickets for this year's festival sold out within 3 hours of going on sale, and that was before the impressive artist lineup was even announced. This year features some of the most exciting names in hip hop, EDM and alternative music -- the music community has already been talking for weeks about headliners Muse, Outkast and Arcade Fire. But it's not always about the main acts -- here are 3 emerging acts slated to perform that everyone will be buzzing about post-Coachella.

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via Time: 5 Reasons Disney Will Pay Up to $950 Million to Be on YouTube

Disney added yet another trophy to its entertainment empire Monday with the purchase of YouTube network Maker Studios. The deal, which could be valued at as much as $950 million if Maker meets certain growth targets, isn’t as big as Disney’s $4 billion purchases of Lucasfilm and Marvel, but it could have huge strategic significance to the company’s long-term health.

Maker Studios partners with YouTube video creators on 55,000 different channels that cover a wide range of topics, from video games to sports to fashion. In exchange for providing technical, financial and promotional support, Maker collects a portion of the ad revenues for videos that are posted in its network. Details on the company’s financial performance are closely guarded, but it has grown considerably in the past year, from 2 billion YouTube views per month in late 2012 to 5.5 billion currently.

Pollack Report: The Infinite Dial

 The Infinite Dial 2014 is the latest in a series of online media studies, conducted by Edison Media Research and Triton Digital. The companies have conducted this survey 22 times since 1998. The focus is on audio services, especially the growth of both awareness and usage of digital platforms.


SXSW 2014 (Part 2)

Just in time for SXSW's March 7th kickoff, here is Part II of the Live & Dangerous feature -- featuring 3 more essential emerging acts to catch at this year's highly anticipated festival.

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Pollack Report: New Possibilities to Guarantee Net Neutrality

The FCC on the federal side and a public-private combination of Google and various local governments on the local side are making moves to advance the cause of net neutrality, giving consumers guarantees that all Internet traffic will be treated equally.
The FCC is trying to thread the needle on net neutrality, after the US Court of Appeals threw out the FCC’s existing rules a few weeks ago. The Court left the FCC with 2 options: drafting new rules, or reclassifying ISPs as common carrier telecommunications companies, making them subject to regulation like public utility companies are.
This week, FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, announced this week that he will pursue the former track, rewriting the rules, while retaining the option to reclassify the ISPs at some point in the future. Wheeler will work on drafting new net neutrality rules that conform to the Court of Appeals decision, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to come up with rules with real impact.

Live & Dangerous: SXSW 2014 (Huffington Post)

It's almost time to kick off SXSW 2014, which takes place from March 7-16 this year in the musical oasis that is Austin, Texas. Every year tens of thousands gather at this premier festival to experience the best from the music, film, and interactive sectors of the entertainment business. In particular, SXSW is known for its phenomenal music week (March 11-16), which takes place over seven days and features hundreds of emerging new artists. In light of the overwhelming amount of talent set to perform this year, "Live & Dangerous: SXSW 2014" will consist of a two-part installation -- with each part featuring three upcoming acts well worth catching in Austin this year. Here are our first three recommendations.

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Pollack Report: 2 New Studies Show the Importance of Radio

Two long-time media research firms, Nielsen and Edison, have just released separate studies showing the power of over the air radio. Last year Nielsen added long-time radio ratings service, Arbitron, to its portfolio of media measurement services. Audio is a big part of the media landscape and Nielsen is reflecting that importance with its new report, State of the Media: Audio Today 2014. The company says that this report will become a quarterly project.
The top line finding of the initial Nielsen report is that FM/AM radio continues to reach more than 90% of the population each week. Other audio platforms are growing, but terrestrial radio’s reach, according to Matt O’Grady, Nielsen’s EVP & Managing Director, “stretches across demographics, ethnicities and geographies as listeners engage every day with stations in their local markets on matters important to them.”

In Music, the Money Is Made Around the Edges (via WSJ)

 LOS ANGELES—While much of the music industry was busy last week feting Grammy nominees, several dozen artist managers, technologists and record-label executives met for breakfast at a private club on the Sunset Strip to discuss a more urgent matter: how to make more money.

A pre-Grammy tradition that started several years ago known as the Big Bang Forum, the tech-focused discussion highlighted an uncomfortable reality: While Grammy wins and performances still boost record sales and exposure, the glory is increasingly muted as record sales make up a shrinking piece of most artists' income. Read the full story @ the WSJ here.


Pollack Report: Net Neutrality Takes A Hit

The US Court of Appeals this week struck down 2 of the FCC’s 3 Open Internet Orders, which is the official name of the agency’s net neutrality rules. Net neutrality is a concept that demands that all Internet traffic should be treated the same. The FCC rules were imposed to prevent the nation’s largest broadband service providers from charging content companies for access to Internet fast lanes.
Verizon sued the FCC and the Court agreed, striking down sections of the law. The fear is that the court’s ruling opens the door for ISPs to charge companies like Netflix, YouTube, Skype and others more because customers who use those services use up more bandwidth. Alternatively, the companies could theoretically slow down traffic to various web services that use lots of bandwidth or that conflict with services run by the ISPs themselves. Net Neutrality was designed to prevent these things. 

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