Netflix + Charlamagne Tha God: Rhythm + Flow is the Chance Artists Never Had Before

Rhythm + Flow castmates Tip T.I. Harris and Chance the Rapper sit down with Charlamagne Tha God to discuss the state of hip hop culture and how their new hip hop competition show is changing the way artists break into…

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via Time: Forget The Masked Singer. Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow Is the Best Music Competition Show in Years

via Time: Like a battle rapper tearing into a weakened opponent, Netflix is gunning for the broadcast networks. So far this fall, the streaming giant has disrupted their premiere season with flashy new scripted series like Ryan Murphy’s The Politician…

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TV Review: ‘Rhythm + Flow’ With Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper

via Variety – Streaming networks, for all their creative upsides, have trouble staying timely. Releasing worthy shows every week makes it hard for many to stay in the spotlight for too long, and anything remotely centered on the news cycle…

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via Real Life Mag: What is lost when we “watch Netflix” rather than shows and “listen to Spotify” rather than songs?

Real Life Mag: Books increasingly don’t have covers: The rapid rise of tablets and e-readers has led to more books being read on screens, which de-emphasize the cover as both a visual identifier and a physical delimiter. A cover once…

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via Midia: Independent Labels Grew Global Market Share To 39.9% In 2017

MIDIA: The global independent label trade body WIN has just published the third edition of the Worldwide Independent Market report. You can download the entire report for free here. As regular readers will know, MIDiA Research has conducted this study…

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We are excited to announce our involvement in the just-announced Netflix competition series, “Rhythm & Flow” which our CEO Jeff Pollack will be executive producing along with John Legend, Jeff Gaspin, Jesse Collins, Nikki Boella, Mike Jackson, and Ty Stiklorius,…

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via Recode: Voice tech like Alexa and Siri hasn’t found its true calling yet: Inside the voice assistant ‘revolution’

Recode: “You can soon, if you insist, talk to your microwave — and it will listen. Amazon recently announced a $60 voice-activated microwave, along with 10 other new products using its Alexa voice assistant. Roll your eyes if you’d like,…

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via Music Business Worldwide: Apple in talks to buy a stake in iHeartMedia

MBW: Apple is looking at ways to boost its presence in US radio. The Cupertino technology company is in early-stage talks to acquire a stake in US radio giant iHeartMedia, according to a Financial Times report. An iHeart tie-up might…

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via TechCrunch: What’s next for podcasting?

TechCrunch: “The podcast market will discover the answer to a foundational question about its future in the next few years. Will it continue along the path of music streaming, where all podcasts are available everywhere on free, ad-supported tiers? Or,…

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via NY Times: Netflix’s Cash-Fueled Road to Streaming Dominance

NY Times: Here are some notable numbers from Netflix: 130 million paying customers as of September $14.9 billion in revenue in the last 12 months $1.3 billion in profit for the same period 7.6 million more paid subscribers expected to…

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