via Midia: Sirius XM Acquires Pandora: Greater than the sum of its parts?

Midia: In the latest example of media acquisitions, though one less likely to flood the headlines as Comcast’s purchase of Sky, Sirius XM has announced it will be purchasing streaming service Pandora for $3.5 billion. The deal, which is all-stock…

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via Midia – State of the YouTube Music Economy 2.0: A Turning Point for All Parties

Midia – “YouTube is the most widely used streaming music app globally but it is also the most controversial one, locked in a perpetual struggle with music rights holders, with neither side quite trusting the intent of the other. 2018…

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via Variety – Media Giants Rev Up Streaming Services to Compete With Netflix

Variety – “The Netflix effect across the entertainment business has taken root in deep and meaningful ways this year. The turmoil caused by Netflix’s meteoric rise is all that media moguls could talk about last month during their annual conclave…

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via Wired – The Future of Television Is… More Television

Wired – “Call it Jeffrey Katzenberg’s unicorn newborn. An operating company has come into being, ex nihilo, with the blandest of names—NewTV—and a valuation north of $1 billion. That’s something that has never happened before. Another thing that hasn’t happened…

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via CNN – Disney’s Bob Iger Lays Out Plans for Fox and Streaming

CNN – “Disney won the battle to purchase most of 21st Century Fox. Now it’s getting ready to fight the streaming wars. Disney CEO Bob Iger on Tuesday outlined some of his plans for Fox’s assets during the company’s first…

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via MBW – Vivendi To Sell Up To 50% of Universal Music Group Within 18 Months, But Rules Out IPO

Music Business Worldwide – “Universal Music Group looks likely to have a new part-owner within the next 18 months – but it will not be ‘spun out’ onto the stock market via an independent IPO. That’s the decision of the…

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via LA Times – Comic-Con 2018: The must-see film, TV and comic book panels

LA Times – “San Diego Comic-Con 2018 kicks off Wednesday, which means thousands of comic book fans, cosplayers and genre entertainment enthusiasts will be making their pilgrimage to Southern California to celebrate everything pop culture. Hall H mainstays such as…

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via Variety – Drake, Post Malone Rule Nielsen Music Mid-Year Charts; Album Consumption Up 18%

Variety – “Drake and Post Malone had the highest volume of on-demand streams and Ed Sheeran has the top song in Nielsen Music’s mid-year report for the six-month period ending June 28, 2018, which was released Friday morning. “The first…

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via Pando – Netflix broke the old TV model, and now all hell is breaking loose

Pando – “Media giants like Disney should have taken note back in 2010, when Blockbuster declared bankruptcy: Netflix was a budding serial killer in the making – and its victims of choice were giant corporate incumbents. Back then, Blockbuster was…

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via CNBC – How Netflix sent the biggest media companies into a frenzy, and why Netflix thinks some are getting it wrong

CNBC – “The media industry is in a frenzy. AT&T is buying Time Warner for $85 billion after overcoming a challenge from the Justice Department. The Murdoch family has agreed to sell the majority of its 21st Century Fox empire…

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