The Verge: “Advertising has always paid the bills at YouTube, which, over the last decade, has grown from an oddball collection of clips into the world?s largest and most influential video portal. The service is on pace to earn around $5 billion in revenue this year. But starting today, advertising will no longer be the only way YouTube and its creators make money. The service is rolling out its biggest change yet: a monthly subscription offering that completely removes ads from the equation.

The new option is called YouTube Red. It costs $9.99 per month and will be available for purchase on October 28th, starting in the US, then rolling out worldwide. Along with removing ads, subscribers will be able to save videos for offline viewing, and keep videos running in the background on mobile. That means you can listen to a music video or a TED Talk while checking email or surfing Instagram. That monthly fee also gives you access to Google Play Music, meaning you get two streaming services for the same price Spotify or Apple Music charge for one without video. As a final enticement, YouTube will also begin putting new, exclusive content behind a paywall.”

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