TechCrunch: “Once upon a time, on-demand, unlimited streaming access to a huge catalog of music for a monthly fee was an amazingly exciting idea, and Rhapsody was the only company doing it. Now services like Spotify and Deezer have dominated what’s become a common category.

So where does streaming go from here?

Spotify said recently that it had 60 million global users of its on-demand streaming music service?15 million of whom were paying for an ad-free, mobile experience. While awareness of streaming music is clearly increasing, it?s far from mainstream adoption when one of the most popular services only has a fraction of the U.S. population using it.

Looking ahead, it?s nearly inevitable that on-demand streaming will catch on. And in speaking with some of Fast Company?s Most Innovative Companies in music about what they see coming over the next five years, we can peek at the future of music streaming?and beyond.”

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