Discussions of streaming video typically include big media companies launching new OTT (over the top: online, not over-the-air) services or YouTube?s vast content, but there are plenty of other players in the streaming video space that are carving out niches.

So while CBS recently launched, ?CBS All Access,? an online hub for its primetime programming; NBC launched ?TV Everywhere;? and the untethered HBO Go service is getting ready for its debut, companies like Yahoo, Huffington Post and the Washington Post have been racking up impressive numbers of views of their respective video services. For example, the HuffPost Live streaming service, which recently got added to Hulu?s lineup, has 92 million monthly views, according to Ariana Huffington.

News is a big category for streaming video. Fox News, CNN and MSNBC previously launched online adjuncts to their cable news network. And CBS launched a free online news service, CBSN, at the same time they announced their new $6/month online entertainment offering.

The Wrap has put together a comprehensive look at the state of streaming?although it?s just a text-based story, not a video stream.

– Pat Welsh