Facebook never intended to develop its own phone. Instead, it just wants to take over the home screen on as many existing phones as it can. Tomorrow Facebook will officially launch “Facebook Home,” its software suite for Android phones. Facebook Home will be an optional, free download, available on 3 Android phone models starting Friday. And, in the case of the HTC First phone, Facebook Home will come pre-installed. Over time, it’ll be rolled out on other Android phones, but don’t expect to see it on the iPhone. 

Reviews of Facebook Home are coming in now that numerous tech journals and blogs have had a little time to play with it. According to the review on All Things D, it’s “the boldest attempt by any non-hardware company to alter a phone’s native user interface.” Features include a replaced lock screen, one swipe access to Facebook Messenger, and bar at the top of the users’ Home screens that makes posting to Facebook even easier.

CNET’s review was mixed. While they were captivated by the look of Home, the magazine refers to it as a “broken home,” saying that, “Often it feels as if Google and Facebook are divorced parents waging a custody battle for your attention.” Ars Technica’s review focused on the new HTC phone, as well as on the Facebook Home system. Check out more reviews of the software from Mashable, The Verge and Gizmodo.