Alison Ellwood’s two-part doc celebrates the rustic neighborhood that nurtured a historic confluence of singer-songwriters and rock innovators in late-1960s/early-’70s Los Angeles.

With Laurel Canyon, Alison Ellwood goes to the source: Her stirring composite portrait of a vibrant, groundbreaking music scene is built almost entirely from archival stills and footage, much of the material rare and some of it never before viewed publicly. The voices we hear belong to people who were there, and they have stories to tell — some that will be familiar to aficionados, and some that illuminate whole new corners of a well-traveled pop-culture history.

If Laurel Canyon of the late ’60s and ’70s was a “place in time,” as the Epix two-parter’s subtitle puts it, the current moment would appear to be the time and place for documentaries that look back at the era’s defining music.

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