What do biofeedback, scavenger hunts and photo sharing have in common? Each represents a possibility for the near-term future of the music business. The 8th Big Bang Forum, where music, media and entertainment executives gather to discuss their business, new technologies and the future, was held last week just days before the Grammy Awards.

This edition of the forum hosted by Ken Hertz and myself, perhaps more than any other, pointed to myriad opportunities for the music business to move forward. Big Bang 8, like the Grammy’s show that followed 2 days later, was all about the people in the spotlight… in this case, instead of onstage performers it was guest presenters. The presentations focused on ways that music will be used by fans, from the present to the not-too-distant future. Collectively, these presentations showed how the emotions and passions engendered by music can be harnessed to inspire and engage fans; to create meaningful partnerships between artists, their fans and brands; and even how to make the world a better place.

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