August has never been the most exciting month for television, but when it comes to new releases, this year’s lineup might just be the sparsest of the streaming era. While studios would like subscribers to believe that concurrent writers’ and actors’ strikes have yet to affect their content stockpiles, schedule changes that have seen such high-profile debuts as FX’s A Murder at the Center of the World and the second season of Max’s Rap Sh!t move from August to November suggest otherwise. In some cases, it’s a matter of holding completed seasons until performers can promote them; in others, the shows simply haven’t finished production. Either way, here’s hoping this means David ZaslavBob Iger, et al. are finally getting ready to bargain in earnest.

Meanwhile, if new seasons of Reservation Dogs and the divinely frustrating And Just Like That aren’t keeping you busy, there are still some good viewing options if you’re willing to look beyond the usual platforms and genres. This month’s roundup includes two great music documentaries, two fine foreign imports, and one of the wildest investigative series ever committed to video.

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