It was unexpected — there was great music all about and I saw some really memorable performances last week (21 Pilots, Grohl/Sound City/ St. Lucia, Zedd…), but the band I couldn’t get out of my head was a group barely anyone remembers these days: the iconic British art rock band from the ’70s, 10cc.

Why 10cc? It all came about because my old Irish friend Suzanne invited me to view a very cool new app called WholeWorldBand, which had been shortlisted from 500 entrants into the final 8 at SXSW Music Accelerator Awards. It was created by Kevin Godley, man of so many careers: songwriter, singer, original member of 10cc, Godley/Crème, video and film director, breakthrough work with U2 etc.

I was supposed to concentrate on the app, but even though I had met Kevin quite a few times, I couldn’t stay on topic as I kept thinking about how unique that original lineup of 10cc was. And I wanted to know more about the band.

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