YouTube Still Dominates Online Video Viewing

YouTube Stream

comScore’s May ratings show YouTube continuing to dominate in online video, and rapidly growing, at that. YouTube was not only the runaway winner ads the leading publisher of online video, but it surpassed the 5 hour mark in average time spent viewing online for the month, hitting 5 hours and 11 minutes. That’s more than the next 5 sites combined. The other key numbers for YouTube were 147 million unique users, watching a combined 2.2 billion viewing sessions.

Here are the leading sites in terms of unique users for the month:

1.      YouTube

2.      Vevo

3.      Yahoo

4.      Facebook

5.      Viacom

6.      Microsoft

Despite YouTube’s top ranking in online video viewing, it’s not the leader in serving up video ads. That honor goes to Hulu, which delivered 1.3 billion ads for the month. Interestingly, Hulu ranks #10 in terms of unique users. However, it’s #2 to YouTube in the amount of time that viewers spend on the site. Hulu clocks in at 3 hours, 37 minutes. No other site even reaches 2 hours.