Julia Moonves, Vice President/ Digital Services & Artist Relations

Julia is the newest member of the Pollack team by just a few decades. She spends her work and free time doing pretty much the same thing: scouring the internet for cool websites, new bands, and great music. Forever passionate about music, Julia loves working in a space that allows her to think about all the levels on which music can exist and be experienced, as well as the future of the industry. Her main interests are live performances, digital music discovery, artist development, and music supervision.

Julia graduated from the University of Virginia with a dual concentration in Media Studies and Philosophy, and was as surprised as anyone to land a career that actually incorporated what she learned in her four years of liberal arts education. While in school, Julia was a DJ for an indie/alternative rock show at 91.1 WTJU Charlottesville, VA and wrote freelance articles on the American music scene for Australian music mag, In-Press. She has also worked at 106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles and CBS Records. Julia is a total music nerd and a live music junkie.