Pollack Media Group is an international media + music consultancy that specializes in connecting content and distribution partners with consumers. With experience on every continent in television, music, live events, artist strategy, film, radio, print, and digital media, Pollack Media is uniquely positioned to help companies navigate and build bridges between the rapidly evolving digital landscape, traditional media, and disruptive technologies.

Jeff Pollack, Chairman & CEO/Global Media & Entertainment

Jeff Pollack is the CEO of Global Media & Entertainment for Pollack Media Group, one of the music industry’s top prognosticators of musical trends. His insight and revelations play a large role in determining what consumers see and hear over the airwaves. In the past 25 years, PMG has grown into one of the largest music and media advisory firms with worldwide clients including MTV, VH1, CMT, National Geographic, Microsoft, Harpo Inc., movie studios, managers, artists, radio stations and magazines. More recently Pollack has moved into the digital media space working with notable clients such as Meebo, Kyte, Akoo, Hip Cricket, Playphone, Modlife, OurStage etc. on strategy and business development.

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Tommy Hadges, President/Worldwide Video & Radio

Tommy Hadges ranks among the giants of the independent media consultation industry. His years of broadcasting experience comprise a rock solid track record of achievement and his work with Pollack Media Group has earned him a reputation as one of the world’s leading consultants. Oddly enough, he almost bypassed the field altogether.

The oldest child of working class parents in Brockton, Massachusetts, Tommy Hadges aspired to become a dentist. And his tenacity took him as far as Harvard Dental School before he realized his heart lay elsewhere.

The electronic media seemed to hold a spell over him from the beginning, however. A member of the audio/visual set during his early school years, Hadges was always fascinated with technology and its applications. He spent countless hours taking apart and reassembling radios, televisions and other household appliances.

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Pat Welsh, Senior Vice President/Digital Content

PatPat joined Pollack Media Group, the world’s leading media consulting company in 1988. He works closely with PMG’s media and technology clients regarding music programming, computer software training, format and content strategies, analyzing research findings, creating effective promotional and marketing campaigns and technology updates.

Pat speaks Spanish and has consulted radio stations and video music channels of various formats in the Hispanic world including in Spain, Mexico, Chile and the U.S. As part of that, he has given seminars in programming strategies, promotions and marketing, music programming and technology in both English and Spanish.

Pat has worked at radio stations in Pennsylvania, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri as both a programmer and on-air talent. Immediately prior to joining Pollack Media Group, he spent five years as the Program Director and morning show host at #1-rated KATT in Oklahoma City. He also spent a number of years working in television. He hosted several TV shows in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, including one year as the host of “What’s In The News”, a nationally distributed (on PBS) children’s news program designed to be shown in the classroom.

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Tara Fortunato, VP

319799_10150794976162371_1175005889_nTara is the youngest member of the Pollack team by just a few decades. She works in all capacities with Pollack’s digital media and music clients, and is an effective media strategist. Her work includes artist discovery/development +promotion, business development, product and content strategy, brand development, social networking & PR strategy, and competitive analysis. Tara’s 5 years of experience at Pollack have involved extensive work with clients like MTV, Spotify, CBS Radio, Shazam, Delta Airlines, NFL, Smithsonian and EA on creative and business strategy from concept to plan to execution.

She spends her work and free time doing pretty much the same thing: scouring the internet for cool blogs, new bands, and great music. Forever passionate about music, Tara loves working in a space that allows her to think about all the levels on which music can exist and be experienced, as well as the future of the industry.

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Dave Hill, Strategic Programming Advisor

image001With over 20 years of programming experience Dave has worked in a variety of formats: News/Talk, Sports, 80’s hits, Alternative, Classic Rock, and Active Rock. He is currently the program director for News Talk WBAL-AM & Active Rock WIYY-FM in Baltimore. Dave’s insights on traditional programming and the influence of digital platforms on programming can be an invaluable tool to an organization. He is also an accomplished talent coach leading big morning shows such as WIYY’s Justin Scot and Spiegel and Dee Snider.
Some of Dave’s former radio stations that he was involved in the programming of include WNNX Atlanta, WMRQ Hartford, and WQBK Albany.